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Empowering women has set the stage for many other organizations, but our approach at Banwo Foundation, Inc. to empowering women, is intentional. We seek to elevate the different women that goes through our program to become community influencers.


Our deliberate and collaborative approach to executing our mission will allow us to engage different women with a focus on underrepresented women. We look to bridge the gap in connecting women especially underrepresented women with empowerment tools to find their paths and influence the change they want to see in their communities and industries.

Therefore, Banwo Foundation matters for the mere reason that representation, acknowledgement, authenticity and fellowship matters to women especially underrepresented women. 


The Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey highlights the percentage of employable women based on their ethnicity which shows the gap between women by ethnicity in  the different occupations. Furthermore, for women in chief executive positions, its shows that while women make up only 29.1% of those in this management category, further breakdown shows, Black/African American women make up 5.9%, Asian women make up  6.8%, Hispanic/Latino women make up 7.4% with white women making up 85.7% in the  category.

To bring the gap, the organization seeks to engage, enrich and enlighten the women in the target group to see themselves occupying spaces that they historically find unattainable by providing foundational skills & training to aid in their personal and professional growth.

We aim to accomplish this initiative during active engagement using the foundational basis of the following four pillars.

Wealth Development 
Health & Wellness

Through tailored programs, we engage our target group with influencers, community leaders and subject-matter experts to provide enrichment tools for individual success and collective impact that follows the Four Pillars of the organization. 

Wealth Development 

We at Banwo, are in the practice of encouraging our base to start developing the habits of generating wealth and passing that information down to generations to be able to truly develop
generational wealth.


We at Banwo, aim to hone in on the different levels of 

entrepreneurship to build an understand as a guide to building
a legacy.


We at Banwo understands that criticality of the need and look to have our fellows learn to occupy those spaces and be the
power need to improve the lives of others.

Health & Wellness

We at Banwo, we aim to aid in the discovery for better health and overall wellness.

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